Project Genesius is a partnership between the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and the Specialist Printing Industry, designed to reduce the access of criminals to the equipment and supplies they require to produce false identity documents.

To form a joint working relationship between Law Enforcement and the Specialist Printing Industry in relation to the supply of printing equipment that could be used for the manufacturing of false identities.

We would like to achieve this by the sharing of relevant intelligence; preventing the criminal abuse of specialist printing equipment and increasing the understanding of the scale of identity document abuse.

This will enable the Specialist Printing Industry to identify good practice in customer profiling; prevent potential loss to unregulated customers and maintain the Industry’s reputation.

This will help Law Enforcement to disrupt organised criminal networks and minimise economic fraud gained through the abuse of printing equipment i.e. false documents.   

Detective Superintendent Nick Downing said: ‘’This is a Metropolitan Police initiative with the Specilaist Printing Industry. We have joint responsibility to eradicate the abuse of card printers and associated equipment. By working together we will make it harder for criminals to obtain such equipment, which undermines both the industry’s reputation, and the security of the United Kingdom'

Chairman, Philip Barton points out that, 'without the insight, commitment and dedication of Detective Superintendent Downing this project would not have been possible'